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  • Keys to managing debtors

    18 February at 09:32 from atlas

    Be upfront with your trading terms. Let your customers know as early as possible about your terms of trade and bill promptly after ...

  • Trial Periods again giving rise to trials

    16 September at 09:44 from atlas

    In NBR on 9th September 2014, there was an article about a case where an employee is asserting that their employment wasn't correctly ...

  • Debtors and selling a business

    12 September at 07:11 from atlas

    If the purchaser is going to collect the debts for the vendor, be sure to write off debts before passing debtors to the purchaser. Bad ...

  • You must have a resident director

    12 September at 07:08 from atlas

    Commencing from 1 July 2015 (or earlier if the Governor General decides) New Zealand registered companies must have at least one ...

  • Medical Certificates

    12 August at 08:23 from atlas

    In a recent case, an employee who had wanted extended leave and when refused, produced a suspicious medical certificate, was held to ...


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